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My name is Bendeshe Eyasu Bonner. I am 15 years old.  I was born in Ethiopia and adopted when I was 11 months old.  I now live in a village where we all have plenty of clean water, healthy food, great schools and healthcare.  My family in Ethiopia live in a village called Wondo Genet.  After visiting them in 2020, my friends and I decided we could help make a difference by forming this non-profit, Bendeshe's Village!  So far we have built a small school, paid for uniforms, supplies and tuition for 200 kids, started a food pantry, built a shower and bathroom at the school and raised gardens to teach kids how to grow.  We have more projects we want to accomplish, including adding another classroom and making sure we can always pay for tuition and more.  Thank you for learning about our foundation!


Bendeshe, Noah, Julian, Francesca, Ronan, Colin, Corman, Jesse, Toni and Gracie the dog!

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Bendeshe's Village featured on 5 for Good

Grand Opening of Our School in Wondo Genet, Ethiopia

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